Do Testosterone Boosters For Weightlifting Actually Work?

Learn How To Raise Your Test Levels With A Natural Testosterone Booster

Men, do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Is your love life lacking? You know you are supposed to be the breadwinner and a sexual stud, but something just doesn't feel right. You don't feel like your normal self.

It could be that your testosterone levels are very low. As men age, it is only natural for testosterone levels to drop slowly. From age 25 to about 45 most men will experience testosterone drops. By 45, roughly 40% of men will have low testosterone levels. Ten percent of this group will actually have physical and/or mental symptoms of a low T level.

Helping Men Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone boosters were designed to replenish this vital hormone that the body loses naturally. Low T levels can cause many problems, this is why you need to talk to your doctor about this problem. A simple blood test will show whether you may benefit from taking a testosterone booster. Once on them, you may soon see your old self return.

Total and Free Testosterone

All the testosterone flowing through the male body is called the 'total testosterone' level. Total testosterone is thought of in two different ways:

  • Tightly-bound testosterone: Roughly two-thirds of all the testosterone in the body binds to the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (or SHBG.) This part of testosterone is not freely available for use.
  • Loosely-bound testosterone: Or bioavailable testosterone, is the part of testosterone that binds itself loosely to albumin. Around 1-4% of this testosterone floats freely through the body and is available for use.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for building a boy's muscles, changing his voice, giving him added strength and gives him a healthy sex drive. Men who have low T levels lose strength, muscle mass and their sex drive. Fortunately, there are pills that can help boost the testosterone level safely.

Do Testosterone Pills Work?

Labeled as a class of herbal supplements, test boosters give men a natural way to increase their testosterone levels. These T boosters inhibit the production of those hormones that convert testosterone into estrogen, or increase the testosterone levels outright. Whichever way works, T boosters help you quickly regain your strength, stamina and speed, while increasing the size and strength of your muscles.

There are currently T boosters on the market that increase testosterone levels by 20-50%. This is a very positive finding for simply using a natural supplement. Low doses of steroids that might offer you an increase of 300% with their pills usually cause more problems than they offer. Men who really want to boost their T levels should stick to natural testosterone boosters.

It is not always easy to know if you are actually making a difference with the T boosters. Regular blood tests will show whether your levels are rising. Blood tests are not always accurate, many outside sources can affect T levels. Men, the best way to tell if the supplements are working is to judge how you feel. Is your sex drive returning? Are you feeling better? Then the pills must be helping.

Common Benefits of Test Boosters

These are just a few of the common benefits you may experience when taking a natural test booster:

Physical and Mental Health

Natural test boosters do not contain any testosterone. They are a combination of natural ingredients that help the body slowly increase the level of testosterone. This increase in T levels raises energy levels and increases overall strength.

Testosterone boosters also help with:

  • Depression
  • Depleted libido
  • Lethargy
  • Low bone density
  • Low energy levels
  • Mood changes

Increased T levels also help improve cardiac health, build bones and bring sick skin back to normal. Mental awareness and sharpness is heightened as energy levels return to normal. An effective test booster help facilitate healthy growth and healing of the whole self.

Females may take test boosters during menopause, or as an aid to cancer treatments. Men suffer a condition called Andropause, which is similar to menopause in that hormone levels drop during this period. Some men as young as 40 may already be feeling the effects of low T levels. Testosterone boosters are great helps in warding off some of the problems that come with aging.

Individual Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

Losing testosterone means it is hard to build or retain your muscles. You suffer from low energy and libido. Boosting your testosterone levels naturally will let you slowly increase your energy levels. As you gain muscle mass, you will be able to do sustained workouts again. The good news is that men of all ages can benefit from taking a high quality test booster.

These are just some of the individual benefits you may experience:

Reduce Belly Fat

The fat on the abdomen is the hardest to get rid of. You could diet and exercise for years and not lose that belly if you are suffering from low testosterone levels. The best testosterone boosters work by helping to break down belly fat. It is not a magic pill, but T boosters give men the opportunity to finally get rid of that unsightly belly.

Improves Motivation

Some men say that using a testosterone booster helps to increase their motivation and aggressiveness during their workouts. The aggressiveness might be a bit over exaggerated, but the motivation is a real effect of taking T boosters. When one is motivated to work harder, one is sure to see a much quicker rise to better health.

Builds Muscles

Resistance training, along with supplemental T boosters, is another way to help speed along the growth of muscles. As testosterone levels rise, athletes can begin to train longer and harder at each workout. Supplements can't always raise T levels high enough to actually increase muscle gain, but the extra energy one gets does contribute to the overall growth in muscle mass.

Improves Sexual Functions

Testosterone boosters may be the best natural remedy for impotence and fertility problems. Increasing T levels can heighten arousal, especially in men and women in their twilight years. These natural supplements help jump-start the body into producing more testosterone. Increased testosterone is great for younger men and women who suffer from libido of fertility problems.

Supplement Safety

Always discuss using T boosters with your doctor, and never replace current prescriptions with supplements. Teens should not take a testosterone booster unless their doctor tells them there is a specific need to do so. Men (and women) of all ages should talk to their doctors before starting any type of hormonal supplements.

A good working relationship between you and your doctor will help you to optimize your health as you take T boosters. Being under a doctor's care is ideal because you can work together to see gains without too many nasty side effects.

Low testosterone levels are never a pleasant thing to experience. Not only do men suffer physical and mental changes, these changes affect their personal and business lives as well.

An improvement in lifestyle, along with supplements, is the key to increasing T levels. Improving diet and health habits is as important as taking the supplements. Increase your T levels while improving your overall health; this is surely a win-win situation for any human.

You don't need to suffer from low testosterone any longer. If your doctor gives you the green light, taking supplements is one way to enhance many aspects of your daily life.

Working Out

While T boosters are great for helping to build muscle strength and size, this can't be done without a resistance-training program that works those muscles hard. Having the right training program will allow you to work your way up and push yourself to the next levels.

Use these tips in your own workouts:

1. Start Big - Go Small: Start your workouts with compound lifts such as the bench press, overhead press, squats or other similar activities. Follow this by doing small isolated movements. This gives you a better overall anabolic response.

2. Shorter Workouts: T levels are highest after you do short workouts of an hour or less, with brief rests of no more than 90 seconds.

3. Vary Your Routine: To keep both your intensity and testosterone level at high, use lifting methods such as forced reps, dropsets and negatives.

Once you have a set training program you can begin to build those muscles using the proper tools and products.

In Conclusion

Taking a supplement with more than one ingredient is better for your body in the long run. Go into this venture knowing you are aiming for better health and increased libido.

Adding a testosterone booster can help men who have reached a plateau and can't raise their T levels any higher.

Just remember, while taking supplements will help you, you will still need to change your lifestyle and diet and incorporate the proper exercises into your daily routines. The magic in testosterone boosters is that they increase energy, which increases motivation - leading to a happier, healthier, normal sex life: this is the true goal of these supplements.