Testosterone Is Responsible For Some Serious Health Benefits

Learn About The Many Health Benefits Of Testosterone


It's no secret, the older you get the more your testosterone levels drop. However, did you know that in your early adulthood you produce 30 times more testosterone than you do in your late adulthood? In fact, by the time you reach 30, your testosterone will likely have dropped by 1%.

Though these changes are perfectly natural, there are certain symptoms that you shouldn't be on the lookout for. Increased body fat and decreased muscle mass may be symptoms for which you need to consult your doctor. This is especially the case if you are someone who struggles with hypogonadism.

Testosterone helps with muscle mass and bones, mood improvement, verbal and thinking ability, facial and pubic hair, sex drive and vocal development. After taking a look at the research that has been compiled about men who have low testosterone level, we have found that there are six major benefits to increasing your testosterone levels.

1. Healthy Heart and Blood
When your heart is at its healthiest, it sends oxygen to your muscles and organs. This ensures that you are able to remain in the best shape. However, if your testosterone levels are low, you are more vulnerable to cardiovascular risks. This isn't to say that testosterone therapy will solve all of your heart problems because when it comes to how effective it is the reviews are mixed.

There was a study conducted in the early 2000s which found that men with heart disease who had testosterone therapy were able to increase their walking distance by 33%. However, they reported that most of the improvements they experienced were only minor. In another study, it was found that therapy did not stop angina pain but only widened arteries that were already healthy.

A more recent study monitored over 80,000 men. It was found that men who had experienced a normalizing of their testosterone levels were 24% less likely to suffer from a heart attack. And they were over 30% less likely to suffer from a stroke.

2. Less Fat, More Muscle
The key to controlling your weight and increasing your energy is in a high level of testosterone. You see, testosterone as what you need to create lean muscle mass which has a significant effect on your energy levels and weight loss. Studies show that you can decrease your fat mass and increase your muscle strength and size when you have testosterone therapy. A common concern among men is that they see little to no change in strength. If you want to get the most out of therapy, its best to combine it with strength training and exercise.

3. Stronger Bones
As you age, you become at greater risk for bone diseases like osteoporosis and this is because low levels of testosterone can lead to bone density. Not only do your bones help with athletic performance, but they also support your organs and muscles. When patients receive doses that are high enough, it can increase bone density. This is particularly helpful when it comes to the hip and spinal bone. However, researchers are still not quite sure if therapy can help to eliminate your risks of fractures.

4. Better Verbal Memory, Spatial Abilities, or Mathematical Reasoning
Does Alzheimer's run in your family? Well, testosterone helps to reduce the risk of your getting this condition. In fact, researchers have found a direct correlation between testosterone and how quickly individuals process information. They have also found a link to verbal memory. In fact, men that are between the ages of 34 and 70 are likely to experience improvement in their spatial memory.

5. Better Libido
Finding a cure for some health problems can be a major challenge for the medical community as a whole. Even though some medical conditions are common, they can be difficult to solve due to the complexity surrounding it. One, in particular, is the male libido. Thankfully, with the latest research, higher levels of Testosterone has been liked to a better libido too. Aside from medical conditions that stem from other medical conditions and the effect of medications, this type of therapy replacement can improve sexual activity and arousal.

6. Improved Mood
Have you noticed a drop in your mood? Do you often feel irritable or even depressed? Well, this can be a common problem for those who have low levels of testosterone. This is especially the case if you have been diagnosed with hypogonadism. While therapy's effect on mood can vary, in some cases, it can act as an antidepressant.