Learn To Avoid These Foods That Kill Testosterone

9 Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels


Some of the foods that lower testosterone might just plain surprise you. And the foods that kill testosterone can lead to a whole host of unwanted symptoms. Mainly, people who do not want a lowered sex drive should avoid the foods that lower testosterone. For men, low testosterone can even lead to erectile dysfunction. Many of these foods are just plain horrible for a person's health, making them easier to cut out. Others are healthy in many capacities, just have estrogen increasing or testosterone lowering capacities. The following is a list of the main culprits:

1. Alcohol

Most couples who are trying to conceive should actually give this one a try. Alcohol lowers testosterone significantly. This is especially true with beer because the hops contain estrogen. Per 100 grams of hops, there are 300 000 IU's of estrogen.

Men and women will both benefit from an improved sex life when cutting this substance out. That's probably why drunken encounters are not necessarily that pleasurable. Also, the excess calories in drinks can lead to weight gain, which is anything but sexy.

2. Desserts and Snacks

People often want to indulge. But the high calorie versions of some desserts are not only unhealthy, but the sugar can reduce a person's testosterone. For example, ice cream is a culprit that can even induce fatigue and migraines in high quantities. Cookies are also higher in trans fat and reduce the desired hormone.

The sugar in snacks like chips and chocolate bars is no better. And these are empty carbohydrates that just lower a person's libido. So by having healthier snacks and desserts, a person can enjoy an improved sex life.

3. Game Day Treats

Nachos, pasta, and wings are many men's go to treat when they go out for dinner or an afternoon to watch the game. But they can lead to weight gain and a low level of testosterone. It's best to cut up some vegetables and dip as a snack and skip the head aches in the bedroom.

4. Low-Fat Diets

People who think they are doing well by lowering fat don't think about the extra sugar they are consuming. All these extra carbs in low-fat foods will just get converted to sugar, a testosterone no-no.

5. Flax and Soy

Flax contains lignans that mimic estrogen in the body. And it contains three times more estrogen than soy. And that is not saying much since soy is high in isoflavones that are estrogenic. Both have such strong estrogen like effects on the body that they can be likened to the effect of taking a daily birth control pill.

6. Spearmint and Licorice

These two sound like great choices for a relaxing tea on a Sunday evening before work. However, although they might have some medicinal benefits, the effects of them are like drinking liquid estrogen. Anyone worried about their testosterone levels should avoid these compounds in any form.

7. Legumes and Beans

This might seem like a shocker. People after all are always encouraged to find alternative sources to excess protein. However, these vegetable proteins will not do the trick for anyone with testosterone concerns. They are known to increase estrogen. The lima bean, for example, has inositol, which is a phytoestrogenic fiber. Lignans lower serum testosterone and inhibit dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. DHT might not be the most desirable hormone for some people, due to the link to growth of excess hair, but definitely lowering testosterone in general is not good for men or women.

8. Whole Grains and High Dietary Fiber

Gluten increases prolactin levels and reduces testosterone levels. Dietary fiber alters the metabolism of testosterone to decrease its levels in the body. This does not mean to stop eating fiber, but to reduce excess quantities. People still need normal amounts of this substance for digestion.

9. Soda, Fast Food, and Cheese

This combo sounds like the ultimate indulgence. But even all of these items separately can reek havoc on testosterone levels. Soda often has phthalates which mimic estrogen. Cheese can inhibit the body's natural production of both estrogen and testosterone. And fast food is full of oils such as sunflower and other polyunsaturated vegetable oils that decrease testosterone.

It may seem like quite a mouth full, but this list can help to save people from low testosterone levels. Diet can be an important part in regulating health in this area.