The Top 5 Physical Signs Of High Testosterone In Men

The Five Signs Of High Testosterone


More and more men are realizing the importance of testosterone, but not every man has the time for a hormone test. While low-T spells trouble, elevated T-levels mostly yield positive effects. Physical signs of high testosterone are in fact quite easy to detect if you know where to look.

Basically, high T impacts both a man's physique and emotional state. How do you know you have more than enough in order to keep everything in the right balance? Masculine traits are evidently stronger and more apparent across all signs of high testosterone:

1. Facial and Body Hair Growth

Why do men grow beards and have more body hair than women?

You guessed it! Testosterone.

In its more potent form, T becomes the androgen DHT or dihydrotestosterone. Higher testosterone usually corresponds to higher DHT levels which stimulate hair growth, though not every guy effortlessly wakes up to a beautiful beard!

For instance, you may have high testosterone levels, but are low in 5-a enzyme levels which directly converts T into DHT, then testosterone in the blood serum won't just convert into DHT.
The natural growth of hair is a testosterone driven process. Without testosterone, no body hair will be formed at all and over-the-top levels can turn you into one hunk of a gorilla!

2. Defined Jawline and Wider Shoulders

Women find men with angular jawlines simply irresistible, all thanks to high testosterone!

Think football, basketball, or any other huge sports league. What do the athletes have in common? Almost every guy flaunts a sharp-edged, wide, masculine jawline! It's not surprising to see before and after photos exhibiting inches of jawbone difference.

Broad shoulders can also be attributed to a higher T level, whereas testosterone attaches itself to androgen receptors that trigger protein synthesis within the muscles. Shoulder bones and muscles are extremely dense in such receptors, resulting to a stronger and wider, sculpted form.

More often than not the changes are due to synthetic testosterone or growth hormone injections. Of course this is not to imply that players actually use steroids or anything like that. What's certain is testosterone promotes increased bone density and growth, especially around the jawbone area.

3. Protruded Adam’s Apple with A Relatively Deep Voice

During puberty where testosterone levels are at peak, boys experience a drastic increase in size of their Adam's apple. Strength increases accordingly as laryngeal muscles develop, resulting to a deeper voice. That explains why girls don't undergo the same, since their body's androgens are lacking in the first place.

Interestingly, testosterone has an impact on how deep a man's voice and how big his Adam’s apple is beyond the stage of puberty. Men who are working their T-levels up over the long-term would surely notice it, while women who opt for testosterone injections to change their gender will see a growth in their Adam's apple and the development of a more masculine voice.

4. Male Pattern Baldness

Increased hair growth is one sign of high testosterone, but hair loss is another thing in those who are prone to male pattern baldness. In some men, the more powerful form of testosterone DHT binds into their scalp's hair follicles which ultimately causes hair to fall off.

Whether or not T levels are within the norms, any man prone to losing hair could experience it at any point. The effects are more profound with increased amounts of testosterone in the body. One method of preserving a man's crowning glory is through hair loss medications that contradictingly block testosterone synthesis.

5. The Ring Finger's Length

Did you know that your ring finger is a determinant of your body's testosterone? Fascinating as it is, this physical sign of high testosterone traces back before a guy is even born.

Finger measurement involves the ring, index and pointer finger.

The longer the ring finger than the pointer, the more likely the li'l guy was exposed to substantially high doses of testosterone in his mother's womb.

The longer the index finger compared to your ring finger, the less testosterone exposure there was within the womb.

Old or young, all men would find these signs of high testosterone good to know. Natural testosterone optimization works towards your own gain, physically and across all aspects of life.