Top 5 Supplements To Help You Lower Your Estrogen Levels

5 Supplements To Take That Lower Estrogen Levels In Men


Whenever a man finds that he is struggling with low testosterone levels, it is almost always due to aromatase. This is an enzyme that is responsible for turning the molecule of testosterone into estrogen. High estrogen has the ability to suppress testosterone which usually results in a more feminine appearance, water retention, an increase in emotionality and decrease in libido, as well as hot flashes, issues with prostate and the development of breasts. Below are 5 essential supplements which are great for inhibiting aromatase and regulating estrogen receptors.

Note: Keep in mind that the best way to increase your testosterone levels is to get lean, eat foods that are considered to be real and stay away from synthetic chemicals that expose you to estrogen.

1. Zinc
When it comes to micronutrients, you will hardly fund more important and essential as zinc. If you want your immune system to function properly, then you must consume zinc. However, it's also invaluable when it comes to keeping your testosterone levels in check. It works to prevent the aromatase enzymes as well as the estrogen receptors. It increases the number of free testosterone and DHT. It also lowers SHBG while simultaneously increasing the production of your thyroid hormone. If you want to get the most out of your zinc supplement, consume 15-30mg. You may also consider including large portions of meat in your diet.

Boron is known for its ability to lower estrogen levels. Many would assume that Boron could not be that beneficial due to its being a trace mineral. However, studies show that it can be useful when it comes to increasing testosterone levels. It was found that when men took just 10mg of Boron a week, their free testosterone levels shot up by 28% and their DHT levels rose by 10%. Additionally, the study found that their free estrogen levels decreased by -39% and their inflammation biomarkers dropped as well.

This was not the only study that has shown improvements due to the consumption of boron. Another study monitored the effects of men taking 6mg of boron per day over a two month time period. In this case, it was found that testosterone levels increased by 29% and was able to increase the ability to absorb vitamin D. The best way to consume boron is through raisins, You could also take 6-10mg of high absorption boron glycinate.

3. Grapeseed Extract
One of the best ways to improve your circulation is with grapeseed extract. It contains a considerable amount of procyanidin. However, many people are not aware of its ability to lower estrogen levels. It actually works to block the aromatase enzyme. In fact, this has been proven very useful in the fight against breast cancer. However, because the body does not have a high bioavailability. What this means is that you need to consume high doses in order to experience any significant results. It's recommended that individuals take 2000mg per day. You could either drink a gallon of grape juice per day or consume 5 high-potency grapeseed extract supplement pills. According to a study, it can absorb as much as 5x faster when taken in a fasted state.

4. Resverotrol
This antioxidant, which is most commonly found in red grapes, has gained a reputation for being very healthy. This is especially the case when it comes to red wine. However, there are many studies that prove its ability to increase testosterone levels. It blocks estrogen and inhibits aromatase. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be taken by mouth. It too has low bioavailability. You may consider taking a product called VESIsorb which is said to absorb 100x faster than the typical powder.

5. Tongkat Ali
This Maylasian product has gained acclaim for its ability to suppress cortisol, a stress hormone. There are three areas in which Tongkat Ali shines: the stimulation of the CYP17 enzymes, the suppression of SHBG as well as the blocking of aromatase. Aside from aromatase being present in one rodent, the other results are pretty impressive. When it comes to how efficiently Tongkat Ali is able to block estrogen, it can be compared to the synthetic Tamoxifen, a prescription known for how well it blocks aromatase. After testing several brands of TA, one of the most effective for me was the dark and bitter Sumatra Pasak Buma 1:2000 water extract.


The effects of high estrogen can be emasculating. However, there are ways to get your testosterone levels on track. Take the time to get in shape, do away with all synthetic chemicals that expose you to estrogen and consider taking the above supplements.